WHCU,Windscreen Heater Control Unit

WHCU (Windscreen Heater Control Unit)

Tecnobit (Grupo Oesía) fully develops the Eurofighter Typhoon Cabinet Windshield Temperature Control Unit (WHCU), being the sole supplier of this equipment for all flight units.

The WHCU is considered a critical flight safety equipment because it is responsible for supplying the necessary power to the cabin components to keep the temperature of the windshield within the range of operation. In case the temperature of any component of the cabin goes down, our system it is in charge of maintaining the safety temperature of the windshield of the airplane, ensuring that the operation conditions are correct.

Main Features:

  • Maintains the normal temperature range of the windscreen in the following ranges: 41 ° C (Tmin), 49 ° C (Tmax)
  • It incorporates functions of monitoring, protection and fault indicators to fulfill the anti-fogging function.
  • Safety range maintained in case of failure of any component of the control unit: 51 ° C (Tmin); 59 ° C (Tmax).

All Eurofighter Typhoon manufactured to date incorporate the WHCU system.
Tecnobit has already produced more than 650 units for the Air Forces of countries like Italy, England, Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Austria.