Interface Computer,MIC (MIDS Interface Computer),Creta,Bulkano

MIC (MIDS Interface Computer)

The MIC equipment is an evolution of the range of Link products developed by Tecnobit (Grupo Oesía) for its adaptation to the AIRBUS A400M and A330 MRTT aircraft. The MIC allows integrating the Link-16 communications data received by the MIDS (Multifunctional Information Distribution System) into the aircraft’s on-board computer. These data can be tactical orders, sensor information, status reports or autonomy, among others.

Main Features:

  • It is prepared for any kind of processing applications due to its versatility and available interfaces.
  • It has TEMPEST certification.
  • HW design according to RTCA-DO-254, DAL C
  • SW design according to RTCA-DO-178, DAL C

So far, Tecnobit (Grupo Oesía) has manufactured a total of 78 units for the Armed Forces of countries like Saudi Arabia, Great Britain, Australia and Spain.


CRETA is a COTS system, capable of processing tactical data in Link-11 networks, in accordance with STANAG 5511 regulation.

CRETA has variants for aerial and naval platforms. It is currently operating on board the Lockheed P-3B Orion marine patrol aircraft in Spain and in the corvettes of the Spanish Navy.

Main Features:

  • Compatible with HF / UHF communications.
  • NTDS (parallel) or ATDS (serial) interface with the KG-40 encryptor.
  • Ethernet interface with the Command and Control System.
  • CRETA allows to configure and to monitor the status of the DTS terminal (Data Terminal Set), Link 11 modem, included inside it.
  • Compatible with communication modes: Roll Call, Broadcast, Short Broadcast, Net Sync and Net Test.


BULKANO is the EKMS (Electronic Key Management System)

Key Features:

  • Receive single NDA keys
  • Electronically stored and processed
  • Missions are generated and BULK (packaging of all aircraft keys).
  • KVS Encryption / Decryption with NATO type A algorithm.
  • EKMS308 interface with multiple DTDs
  • CIK key
  • Rugged design (for adverse environmental situations)