Infrared Search,FLIR-IRST


Tecnobit, Grupo Oesía, is currently a reference in the development of infrared sensors, being especially important its participation in the development of the FLIR-IRST system.

The FLIR-IRST is an infrared search and track detector system in which Tecnobit actively participated through the EUROFLIR Consortium consisting of Selex ES (Italy), Tecnobit (Spain) and THALES Optronics (UK). The FLIR-IRST was designed for the European Typhoon fighter (EF-2000), giving it a “passive radar” that scans the space in front of the aircraft and detects and tracks targets acquired without being warned, providing a clear aerial combat advantage.

Main characteristics:

  • The system incorporates a thermal camera that allows IR visibility (band 8.0μm-12μm)
  • Integrates IRST capability, which provides the system with detection functionality over long distances beyond the visual range
  • Detection range up to 20-30 miles
  • Automatic tracking of up to 10 targets simultaneously
  • The IRST information is processed by the mission computer for the assignment and direction of weapons, and for the direction of other sensors (mainly radar) in the final phase of the attack.
  • Fully passive, the system performs tracking and scanning simultaneously
  • IRST serves as visual aid for landing in ground approach and takeoff maneuvers.

Since 2005, Tecnobit has produced electronic components more than 400 equipment for countries such as Italy, England, Spain, Saudi Arabia and Oman.