Cockpit Displays


Tecnobit (Grupo Oesía) makes its own design of high-performance multifunctional cockpit displays, units that allow communication with other equipment on board the aircraft, specifically with the ship’s mission computer and other cabin instruments, such as the Head Up Display. In addition, it allows the communications with other cabin displays, is the case of airplanes of double command.

Main Features:

  • They represent different types of analog video simultaneously with the symbology and in real time.
  • They provide digital video for other cabin displays.
  • Designed to be able to represent any type of analog, digital or IP video signal in real time.
  • They have a rugged LCD display with LED backlight and configurable keypad.
  • They provide high processing capacity that allows for optimum performance.
  • Specifically designed for the conditions existing in an aircraft, they support extreme light conditions, being able to incorporate a polarized screen to avoid reflections.
  • Optional touch panel.
  • Adjustable display brightness and contrast.
  • Fully modular and scalable.

The displays of Tecnobit (Grupo Oesía) definitively increase the tactical capabilities of the aircraft where they are installed, making them essential for the flight. Originally intended for military combat aircraft, they can also adapt to civil aviation, forming part of a Glass Cockpit.

Tecnobit (Grupo Oesía) has supplied and maintains more than 170 central displays of the F18 of the Spanish Air Force for the entire fleet of these aircraft based in Torrejón de Ardoz and Zaragoza.

Recently, Tecnobit (Grupo Oesía) has been awarded a contract by NATO for the development of another 182 units of multifunctional displays of the latest generation that will also equip the F-18.

Thanks to its expertise in other avionics equipment, Tecnobit (Grupo Oesía) has demonstrated its ability to provide flexible solutions in this field with the least possible impact in terms of cost and deployment for its fleet.