Test Bench,Perseo System,Age Radar System

Test Bench

Tecnobit (Grupo Oesía) has a large capacity and a long experience in the design of automatic test benches for embedded systems. We develop test benches both for internal use and for external clients, thus adapting to all types of systems and customer needs.

A clear example is the PERSEO system, maintenance test bench for the Eurofighter FLIR-IRST system. This test bench supports maintenance throughout the life cycle of the equipment, minimizing maintenance costs and delivery dates.

The PERSEO system includes two test benches: a portable, first-level maintenance test bench (ML1), called PERSEO ON A / C; and a second-level laboratory test bench (ML2), called PERSEO OFF A / C.

Currently, this bank is operational for the Spanish Air Force at the Air Base of Morón de la Frontera (Seville).

Main features PERSEO ON A / C:

  • Intended to support FLIR-IRST in flight line
  • Modular architecture
  • The system includes a collimator system for optical testing
  • Portable for easy deployment
  • Provides a GO / NO-GO type diagnosis of the FLIR / IRST status
  • Provides additional capabilities for added optical testing and increased test coverage


Main features PERSEO OFF A / C:

  • Intended for more thorough testing once a problem has been detected on the computer
  • Ability to isolate faults at the replaceable module (SRU)
  • The system is divided into two main parts: the Main Frame and the Enviromental Simulation System, which reproduces the conditions necessary to execute the tests
  • It has functionalities to support repair and maintenance tasks, as well as to load the software of the equipment.

Currently, this bank is operational for the Spanish Air Force at the Air Base of Morón de la Frontera (Seville).


Another test bench to highlight is the AG RADAR. It is also a transportable equipment, designed to perform functional tests of the Eurofighter RADAR in first line of flight (ML1). The objective of this bank is to provide maintenance personnel with the ability to perform tests, detect possible failures and limit failures for resolution before the flight.

Main Features:

  • Tests the integrity of the RADAR transmission signal by measuring some characteristic parameters such as RF power, frequency, duty cycle, gap and pulse width, PRF (Pulse Repeat Frequency), PRI (Repeat Interval Of pulses), among others.
  • It consists of the following equipment:
    • Hood System: captures the radar signal
    • Jacking System: system to raise the Hood System to the level of the head of the airplane
    • Main frame: 19 “rack, contains the control unit of the system
  • Safety System: protects operators and area of operation
  • Auto test capability (PBIT, CBIT, IBIT)


Within the scope of test benches for internal use, Tecnobit develops several banks to support the production of the equipment that forms our portfolio of products.

Among them we can highlight the test benches for the AMS and MIC systems within the A-400M program or the ATE-1553, test bench equipped with the ability to automatically support the execution of SAE AS 4111 and SAE tests AS 4112, referring to the verification and validation of the serial bus 1553 (MIL-STD-1553), so common in avionics equipment.