Audio Management System,AMS (Audio Management System)

AMS (Audio Management System)

Tecnobit, Grupo Oesía, has extensive experience in audio management systems in the aeronautics sector. Specifically, since 2005, the company is the provider of the AMS system supplier for the Airbus Defense and Space A400M aircraft.

The AMS is an audio management system developed entirely by Tecnobit for the Airbus A400M, that allows the centralization of all audio devices on board the aircraft, as well as communication between crew members.

Among its broad range of functionalities, the system provides the volume adjustment of the audio receivers and selection of transmissions, connection for headphones and microphones and management of radios and audio in both emergency and normal mode.

Main Features:

  • The system allows the simultaneous management of “clear audio” (for unclassified communications) and “secure audio” (for classified communications)
  • All the interfaces available use fiber optics, thus guaranteeing interference-free communication
  • The system allows management of up to 87 audio channels
  • The system has TEMPEST certification
  • AMS allows the installation of different configurations depending on the needs of the user and the type of platform without making modifications to the equipment

All Airbus A400M manufactured to date integrate an Audio System developed by Tecnobit. With the delivery of the first aircraft to Spain in September 2016, the AMS will be installed in 43 aircraft in service. In addition to these, another 40 systems have already been delivered to FAL (Final Assembly Line) for aircrafts in the manufacture process.