ADT,Air Data Transducer

ADT (Air Data Transducer)

The ADT system is the unit responsible for the acquisition and processing of data necessary to maintain the stability of the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft, being for this reason a critical flight equipment.

This unit is essential in the aircraft and it is quadrupled in each aircraft, so as to evaluate and distinguish the data, with the purpose of transmit the best ones to the flight control system.

Main Features:

  • In the ADT, the static pressure and dynamic pressure data are combined with the airflow angle data
  • It performs the processing and transmission function to the flight control system and the FCC (Flight Control Computer) of the Eurofighter Typhoon.
  • The electronics designed by Tecnobit, Grupo Oesía,  for this equipment provides it with processing capacity, analog interface for transducer and pressure sensors, as well as non-volatile memory for calibration data

Tecnobit, Grupo Oesía,  designs two of the team’s flagship cards, having produced over 2,400 pairs for the Air Forces of Italy, England, Spain, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Austria to date. All Eurofighter Typhoon manufactured to date incorporate the ADT system.