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Although we do not know the future...,WE ARE READY FOR IT

Tecnobit is in the future of aeronautics

At Tecnobit, Grupo Oesía, we are firmly committed to being at the forefront of technology for aircraft-based systems and supporting them on the ground. Our commitment to the future is to make what, today is an idea, tomorrow will be a reality that allows safer, more efficient and solidary air operations with the environment. The future towards which Tecnobit, Grupo Oesía, is advancing in this area is closer than we can think, due to the speed of the current technological changes.

Advances such as WAIC Systems, LiF or communications safety, will lead us to a future where aircraft are, among other things, greener (reduction in weight with consequent reduction of fossil fuel consumption), more efficient and provide greater integration in the operation between the pilot and the machine (ergonomics). This is the future for which Tecnobit, Grupo Oesía, is working in the present.